by prootos


The honorary award is awarded annually to honor the IMAFD deaf members who have worked or developed outstanding results in their martial arts discipline for all deaf people from all over the world during their exemplary years.

Eduardo A. Dominguez Nino, honorary president of the IMAFD also former Argentine Champion of Judo in 1953, died.

First time he came to visit for the world championship in Miami, Florida (USA) to have interested a lot with the collaboration to open his own country of Argentina from its early start from 1995 until his death.

The IMAFD executive committee, which in 2008 was making the world championship for deaf martial arts in Toulouse, gave it its honorary merit for its sporting and martial arts, both deaf and for its extraordinary ability to transmit the true values of life for the conquest struggle for Deaflympics together inseparable friend Francesco Faraone.

Here is an unforgettable diploma from Eduardo Dominguez